Export Control Issues Related to University Travel

Travel to most countries does not usually constitute an export control problem; however, there are potential situations that could trigger the need for a license to travel to certain countries or to take items with you (or ship) to a particular country. In addition, there are government agencies such as the Department of State, Department of Commerce, and the Office of Foreign Asset Control, which have lists of persons and entities that we are prohibited from doing business with not only here in the U.S., but overseas as well.
More information regarding export control issues please visit here. A link to “Countries of Concern” can be found at this website as well as a link to “Export Control Concerns to Faculty/Staff: Research, Travel, and Shipping.”
Contact Kay Ellis, Director, University Research Programs, if you have export control questions related to travel or about other information on the website. Her office is located at 212 Cordell North, and she can be reached at 405-744-9995 or via e-mail at kay.ellis@okstate.edu.